Dr. Aires Afonso Mbanze
Universidade Lúrio

Testimonial about the MIF fellowship

The Matsumae International Foundation (MIF) research fellowship is not only an opportunity for scientists to focus on their studies in such a way as to contribute to the peaceful coexistence of all races, cultures, and ethnicities in the world. But it is also a unique moment to emerge into daily life in Japanese society, where mutual respect between people, culture, gastronomy, and technology blend into a cocktail of harmony, peace, and longevity. A very inspiring way of life, where human dignity dimension and opportunity for all is a non-negotiable priority, but which is unfortunately very little about this Japanese unique way of living has been disseminated around the world.

February 2024

Assistant Professor and Researcher,Universidade Lúrio, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Environment and Nature Conservation, Sanga University Campus

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