Fellowship Announcement

Research Fellowship Program 2022 Announcement

Fellowship Announcement (PDF)

Application for the MIF 2022 fellowship program has been closed.
For further application, please refer to our next call which will be made in January 2022.


Eligibility RequirementsApplicant of non-Japanese nationality who meets all the following eligibility requirements is invited to submit application documents.
1. Applicant must obtain Letter of Invitation from Host Institution in Japan.
2. Applicant must hold Ph.D. (Doctoral degree).
3. Applicant must be at the age of 49 years old or younger at the time when application documents are submitted.
4. Applicant must have sufficient abilities in the English or Japanese languages.
5. Applicant should not have past or current experiences of staying in Japan.
(Except for short-term stay such as sightseeing and conferences)
6. Applicant must have an occupation in your home county, return there upon completion of your fellowship tenure and should contribute to development of your country.
Research FieldsFields of research such as natural science, engineering and medicine are considered with first priorities.
Period 3 to 6 months within the period between April 2022 and March 2023. Applicant is required to indicate the length of your stay mentioning commencing and ending month.   E.g. For 6 months from September 2022 to February 2023.
Host Institution in JapanApplicant is free to choose a host institution (universities, national research institutions or the corresponding facilities in private sector) to carry out your research. You must obtain acceptance from a host institution prior to submitting your application. 
MIF is not in a position to give advice or recommendation to an applicant for a host institution in Japan.


The following financial supports are provided to successful applicants.
Fellowships are provided to the successful applicants only, and intended for necessary living expenses and research activities in Japan. Under no circumstances, this fellowship is transferable.

Monthly AllowanceJPY 220,000/month is provided for the purpose of expenses for research materials and living expenses.
Overseas Travel Accident/Sickness InsurancePersonal accident insurance with death benefit and medical treatment.
Sickness insurance with death benefit and medical treatment.
Air Transportation Round-trip Air ticketsEconomy class, the most direct and economical route between the nearest international airport from the successful applicant’s domicile and Tokyo. 
Start-up Fund upon ArrivalJPY120,000 is provided to cover the initial costs to start a new research stay in Japan. 
Study TourTo profound understanding of Japanese culture, tradition and history, MIF organizes Study
Tour during grant period in Japan.
Some Notices Concerning Fellowship Condition1.The fellowship grant is restricted to the period indicated in a grant letter. Extension/reduction of the granted period is not allowed.
2.The invitation by MIF is limited only to a successful applicant specified in the grant letter.

MIF does neither concern successful applicant’s family/dependents nor provide any assistance (visa, flight arrangements, etc.) for them.


Application Applicant must submit the required documents in accordance with the latest announcement which can be downloaded from MIF’s website.
Your application documents must be submitted to the following email address.
■Submit to: contact@mif-japan.org
■Application Period : From April 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021 (Japan Standard Time)
Application will not be accepted in any reason before/after the application period.
Screening Process & Announcement of the Results1.Applications are evaluated by the Screening Committee of MIF on the basis of academic value and the degree of perfection of the research projects.
2.The results will be announced on MIF’s website in December 2021.
MIF will send Grant Letters to successful applicants.
MIF neither announces the discussions by our Screening Committee, nor accepts inquiries about the individual application cases.
MIF will not comment the reasons for the decisions made by the Screening Committee.


All of the following documents (#1-#7) must be converted to Adobe PDF by item and submitted to MIF by email. 

All the documents must be typed in English and inadequate documents are not subject to screening.

The following emails are automatically rejected and excluded from screening without any notice.

  • (a) Emails equal or more than 10MB in size. 
  • (b) Emails with attachments in filename extension other than Adobe PDF.
  • (c) Emails with attachments in any compressed format such as “zip” and “rar”. 
  • (d) Emails including any program file and downloadable link. 
Application Form
Applicant is required to use the original application form which can be downloaded from the link below.  You should ensure that all the items in the form are properly filled out. Your face photograph taken within the past three months must be attached. In case the photograph is more than 1BM in size, it should be resized. The form without your signature and the date is not acceptable.
  [Application Form(PDF)] [Application Form(Word)]
Research Project 
The followings should be stated.   
(a) The content, purpose and methodology of the research.
(b) The road map of the research project.  
(c) What benefits the research project will bring to your home country.
(a) and (b) should be described in detail based on discussion with your host professor/scholar in Japan.  
The Most Significant Publication by Applicant  
Please submit only one publication.  
If not available in English, please attach an abstract/summary in English.
Curriculum Vitae (CV) 
It should include the complete list of publications: when and where they were published, co-authors, number of pages, etc. Please highlight the title of publication on the list that you submit as the item “#3”. 
Recommendation Letter
It should be from your current home institution (employer) and written on their letterhead. 
It should testify to academic ability, achievements and confirming the availability of study leave during your fellowship period.
Soft Copies of Academic Certificates/Diplomas for Ph.D., Master, Bachelor
In case the documents are not available in English, please attach English translations.
The soft copies and the English translations should be attested by the seal of your current home institution  or the university you graduated from. 
MIF may require you to send us the soft copies and the English translations by post.
Invitation Letter 
It should be from and sighted by your host professor/scholar in charge at the host institution in Japan and written on their letterhead. 
It should confirm the specific period of stay, the research project, the availability of research facilities/equipments, and the arrangement of accommodation facility. 
a)Name of Host Professor/Scholar (受入教員の氏名)
b)Name of Host Institution (受入研究機関名)
c)Email Address of Host Professor/Scholar (受入教員のメールアドレス)
d)Postal Code, Mailing Address and ℡ of Host Institution (受入研究機関の郵便番号、住所、電話番号)