Dr. Ahmet Cevdet YALCINER, 1987 Fellow, visited MIF

Dr. Ahmet Cevdet YALCINER, 1987 Fellow and Professor at Middle East Technical University in Turkey, was decorated with the Hamaguchi Award* by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan. He came back to Japan in order to attend the award ceremony and took an advantage of his stay to pay a visit to MIF for the first time in the past 32 years.

Chairperson HASHIMOTO congratulated him on the significant achievement and Dr. YALCINER replied that his participation in the MIF Fellowship Program means a lot in his academic career.

Mrs. YALCINER and Dr. Ceren Ozer Sozdinler, former Dr. YALCINER’s PhD student and Visiting Associate Professor of Kagawa University, also attended the meeting.

*“Hamaguchi Award” is an international award for whom that has made significant scientific or pragmatic contributions to the enhancement of coastal resilience against tsunami, storm surge and other coastal disasters. The award is named after Mr. Hamaguchi Goryo who saved villagers from tsunami about 150 years ago.