Events for Fellows

Guidance on Arrival in Japan


The MIF staff will meet the new Research Fellow at the first opportunity after arriving Japan.

After receiving Guidance, Research Fellow forwards to host institute in Japan.

Study Tour

During stay in Japan, MIF Research Fellows are invited to join a Study Tour organised by MIF.

Visit places, such as Kyoto, Hiroshima, etc.

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Fellows Meeting

tm2008During stay in Japan, MIF Research Fellows are invited to the Reception House of the MIF.

Fellows make presentation on various topics.

The Matsumae International Foundation Reception House

The office of MIF is inside of the Reception House, in Tokyo. This place was originally a residence of Prof. Dr. Atsu-uji ASHIKAGA (1901-1983) and was donated to MIF.
MIF refurbished the house and garden, and has made use as "Reception room" and "Meeting room" for MIF Research Fellows and Japanese Researchers.