Fellowship Program


Q : I do not know any Japanese Researcher. Will MIF introduce a host scientist for me?

A : No. MIF cannot give counsel or advice to an applicant concerning the host scientists/institutions in Japan.

Q : I obtained academic degree(s) in Japan. Can I apply for MIF fellowship program?

A : No, you can not apply. We have a policy of providing fellowships to researchers who have never been in Japan in past/present.

Q : I am now outside of my home country. Can I apply?

A : No. Please apply for MIF fellowship program after you return to your home country.

Q : I had been in Japan for international conference/meeting/symposium/sightseeing for one week. Can I apply?

A : MIF is able to ignore your previous stay in Japan for one up to two weeks. But, be sure to write the fact of such staying in Japan in Application Form, item No.19 (Previous Stays in Japan).

Q : I am student of master’s course. Can I apply?

A : No. This fellowship program is not for student. Please apply after you have obtained Ph.D. degree (doctorate).

Q : I want to apply for MIF fellowship program only for two months. Can I apply?

A : No. The shortest period of fellowship is 3 months.